The Netherlands Organisations for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

TNO is a not for profit independent knowledge organisation for companies, government bodies and public organisations. The daily work of some 5,000 employees is to develop and apply knowledge. TNO provides contract research and specialist consultancy as well as licences for patents and specialist software.
In this project involvement of a business unit of TNO Built Environment and Geosciences is foreseen. The BU Innovation and Environment (40 staff) was responsible for a large number of major studies in the field of Integrated Product Policy, resource use and sustainable consumption, in connection to radical innovation for sustainability (system innovations and transitions), innovative use of policy instruments, and governance. The BU has a central position in the Dutch knowledge network on system innovation and transitions, amongst others by its collaborative centre with Erasmus University. It runs key European projects in the field of governance, policy instruments and sustainable consumption, such as SusProNet, SCORE, EIPRO, POPA-DACT, performance targets for products, and others. The BU has been judged as being one of the most visible institutes it its field the Netherlands and has a strong position the EU25 when it comes down to policies in the field of (radical) innovation of consumption and production structures in view of sustainability demands.

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