The Kozep-europai Egyetem (Central European University, CEU)

CEU is an internationally recognized institution of post-graduate education in social sciences and the humanities, located in Budapest, Hungary. Established in 1991, CEU attracts nearly 1000 graduate students each year from over 50 countries, primarily Central, Eastern and Western Europe, and Central Asia. The CEU is dedicated to the tradition of socially and morally responsible intellectual criticism. CEU aims at excellence in the mastery of established knowledge, excellence in the creation of new knowledge in the social sciences and the humanities, and excellence in developing the policy implications of both.
The Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy of CEU is core international faculty (representing CEE, the NIS, Western Europe and North America) of experts in natural and social sciences and is a centre of excellence for environment-related scholarship, postgraduate research and teaching in CEE. The Department has a long and successful track record of collaboration with leading international agencies on addressing environmental and related issues of the region. The department and its faculty have been working on international research projects funded by, among others, the World Bank, EBRD, UNEP, UNDP, UNICEF, WHO, the European Commission (SAVE, ALTENER, PHARE, Intelligent Energy for Europe), European Parliament, GEF, IFC The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, NOVEM, and private sponsors.

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