Centre for Sustainable Energy, Bristol, UK (CSE)

CSE is one of the UK s leading sustainable energy agencies. Based in Bristol, CSE is an independent charitable organisation founded in 1979. Its 36 staff provide: sustainable energy advice to the public in and around Bristol; school education programmes; support and training for communities; local authorities and businesses across the UK, and: policy analysis and research for government and related agencies.
For the last 5 years, CSE has managed and delivered a UK national programme, Community Action for Energy (CAfE), which engages and supports community organisations to take action on sustainable energy and mobilise individuals. The CAfE network has more than 2,500 members, of whom evaluation shows more than 85% are actively pursuing sustainable energy initiatives. CSE is also currently undertaking two major innovative projects; one aimed at changing energy using behaviours amongst public sector employees; another testing values-based messaging techniques to engage non-green consumers in carbon reduction behaviours.
CSE has a strong research and policy analysis programme. In recent years, we have examined: the role of local authorities in curbing carbon emissions (for the UK Climate Change Programme); the role of community initiatives in mobilising individual behaviour change (for Defra); the issues associated with individual carbon trading (for Defra); the impact on consumer behaviour of feedback on their energy consumption (for the energy regulator, Ofgem); the potential benefits and impacts of social and rising block energy tariffs. CSE is also leading the evaluation team for Ofgem for the forthcoming DTI/Defra-funded Energy Demand Research Project examining over 2 years the impact on household energyrelated behaviours of improved energy feedback, particularly smart meters, improved billing and advice.

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